Sign On: Protect Minnesota's Economy for Working Minnesotans | Minnesota Senate DFL Caucus

Minnesotans expect an efficient, effective and accountable tax system. Yet, Senate Republicans are ramming through a tax bill that would disproportionately benefit the richest Minnesotans at the expense of protecting working Minnesota families and senior citizens.

Under the Senate Republican plan, someone inheriting $5 million would see over $300,000 tax cut while a working family of four would see only a $95 tax cut. Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers have spent nearly all of Minnesota's $1.4 billion budget surplus in less than one year. They cut a blank check to health insurance companies and slashed taxes for corporations, big tobacco, and the very wealthy. And now they want to give millionaires an even larger tax cut.

Senate Republicans have the wrong priorities.

The DFL Senate Caucus is committed to a tax plan that will deliver for working Minnesotans. That starts with building a balanced budget that protects Minnesota's economy from future instability and invests in high-quality education and affordable healthcare, while also providing tax relief targeted to middle class families.

Sign on to oppose the Republican plan to rig Minnesota's tax system against working Minnesotans.


Yes! Protect Minnesota's Economy for Working Minnesotans